Spezierie Palazzo Vecchio

Spezierie Palazzo Vecchio gives life to niche perfumes and natural cosmetics carrying on the prestigious Arte Profumatoria that made Florence the capital of perfume in the Renaissance. Accurately selected natural aromas create magical atmospheres, stories, memories, mysteries. The promise of a life the precious Bohemian glass bottles represent and continue to take forward over time.
Spezierie Palazzo Vecchio


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Dr. di Massimo has been a pharmacist since 1965. He managed several pharmacies in Italy, but he started very early to create his own artisan products, as he felt a strong need to bring natural phytocosemic and phytotherapeutic products back to his pharmacies. In 1978 he decided to take a sabbatical year by moving with his family to the Marche countryside to study plants, flowers and phytotherapy more thoroughly and full-time and to plan and implement his brand and its formulas. He therefore leaves the pharmacy to devote himself entirely to this activity and to carry out this project he moves to Florence. Its mission has always been one and very clear: to create phytocosmetic and phytotherapeutic products to address the need of people to seek physical and mental balance. At the dawn of the new century, Francesca Di Massimo, her daughter, with managerial experience, came to the herbal sciences and directed her training to the deepening of the formulation of fragrances, cosmetics and herbal medicine. With the second generation, the brand is consolidated in Europe and worldwide! Spezierie Palazzo Vecchio continues to pass on the secrets of Caterina Sforza De 'Medici: the richness of raw materials and the wise and generous use of the base notes are the indispensable factors to convey the absolute originality and persistence of the fragrances. "Where has the most tender part of our memory gone, that of childhood and early youth? Surely, after being confined to some remote corner of our universe, it will want to re-emerge! Sometimes, to find it, you just need to know how to listen to the fresh, sweet, enchanted fragrance of a Perfume of Florence". Dr. Giovanni Di Massimo