Stemcell is a line completely based on plant stem cells. The scientific world is now experiencing a moment of revolution following the important discoveries on stem cells. If you used to just protect the skin from its natural aging, with Stemcell you can today really stop it by reactivating all the sleeping cells of your dermis.


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Stemcell creates highly effective cosmetic products, thanks to a total commmitment to scientific progress and the most advanced studies. If you want to treat the weakened dermis, cells that are able to stimulate the tissue are necessary. Stemcell treatments are based on stem cells of plant origin, and especially on the precious lotus flower. In fact, only this type of cell allows to encourage the natural biochemical processes right for the regeneration of dormant skin cells. They also have the ability to induce the formation of new fibroblasts and keratinocytes, synthesizing new substances of youth. The amount of stem cells that we get nowadays is limited. This is why the Swiss Research Center Stemcell has developed treatments with particular active ingredients, which accelerate the results. For example Stemcell Cell Constructor Serum is a 24-hour fluid treatment to be applied to the face and neck. The serum prevents premature aging, fights the formation of free radicals, strengthens and reduces the dryness of the skin. The skin is fastly more hydrated, firm and healthy. Even the specific body treatments are enriched with a new lifting agent that makes skin elastic, resistant and cohesive. The overperforming treatments of the Stemcell line, which have the highest concentration of plant stem cells, are absolutely realiable in effectiveness. Stemcell's Paradise Cream treatments allow the creation of a large quantity of new youth substances. And the action is found globally on the entire skin structure of the epidermis. In addition, the effectiveness is guaranteed by other active regenerating, antioxidant, among which diamond powder stands out. Stemcell: the answer to the desire for a fresher, young and ageless skin.