Ecooking was born from the peculiar idea of Tina Søgaard to create skincare in the kitchen. Tina's great experience in the cosmetic field allowed her to create the first products at home and test them on her skin. Soon, her creations became popular through friends and family. This is where Ecooking was born, a product line rich in organic ingredients!


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Ecooking creates solutions for skincare and body care. Today it is an internationally established reality, but it all started in the kitchen of its founder: Tina Søgaard. The years of experience in the field and the familiarity with the ingredients have allowed her to find an effective solution to her problem. Tina was in fact affected by a crisis that damaged the skin on her face and decided to bring home everything necessary to create an effective home remedy. In a short time, his creams and his creations became very popular even among friends and family, who received them even in recycled jam jars! The initial idea was not however to sell the products. But soon the desire to help more and more people with similar problems to her brought Tina to the birth of Ecooking! And so this Danish brand of skin care products was born, rich in organic and natural ingredients. A brand based on honesty and transparency, as the labels also show: all the ingredients used are always well highlighted on each package. It is really for everyone because some products are specifically designed to be used by the whole family! Like the Ecooking Day Cream, a fragrance-free cream that deeply moisturizes the skin and strengthens the structure of the skin surface. But at the same time, it makes it more elastic and less susceptible to damage. Or like Ecooking Shower Gel, a gentle all-body soap on the skin, which cleanses it and leaves it delicately scented. Or again Ecooking Sunscreen 200 ml, a cream with protective strength 30 SPF, water resistant: perfect to protect the skin of children during the hot summer days spent at the beach!