Evolve Keep Calm And Spray On Hand Sanitiser

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Starting at: $7.20

Evolve Keep Calm And Spray On Hand Sanitiser is a cleansing spray for hands.
This hand cleanser has been designed as a pump spray rather than a gel to minimise ingredients used and maximise usage, as you need less of the liquid to clean hands than you would of a gel. We estimate this bottle contains 180 uses. Its liquid formula also means it can be used with a reusable bamboo pad to clean any surfaces as well as your hands!

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Pump our Keep Calm & Spray On Hand Cleanser 1-2 times per use and rub on the front of both of your hands, and then on the back, and then thoroughly rub your hands together to clean. Once all of the cleanser has been absorbed and your hands are dry, you will notice the delightful Bergamot scent which has been added to both uplift and calm. This bottle contains approximately 180 uses based upon 1-2 pumps per usage. You can also apply onto a reusable bamboo pad and wipe over any surfaces to sanitise the area. Caution: This is a flammable product and should not be exposed to naked flames or to temperatures above 30°C.

Additional Information

Product Type Spray
Body Part Hands
Concern Hand Sanitizer

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